Mocean lets you tell a complete story

Bring your resume to life
Use your professional profile that acts as a digital resume that gets noticed
Show, don't tell
You are more than just bullet points, so add pictures and video to showcase your skills and personality
Decide if you want your profile to be accessible, who can download your resume, and who can see your contact details and social accounts

Mocean simplifies your job search or recruiting process

Centralized jobs board
No need to visit dozens of websites, we'll bring all the jobs one place
More applications, less time
Apply for jobs in seconds with one click
Only see jobs relevant to you, and hide the rest
Effortless posting
Post a job in minutes and find your next great crew member with ease
Peace of mind
Post jobs without sharing your email address or Facebook profile-No spam, no viruses, no worries

Mocean is your window into the yachting ecosystem

Stay informed
Use the feed to stay informed on what's going on in the industry
Decide what to see
Apply filters to show only the content you want to see, and hide the rest 
Share with the community
Share events, articles, thoughts, images, videos, and jobs

Mocean promotes community involvement through events

Get involved
Use events to encourage community involvement and raise funds for important causes
Come together
When a crisis occurs, use events to organize supplies, shelter, food, and support
Search events based on location, event type, and get updates so you'll always know what's happening around you

Mocean helps you connect with like-minded crew

Your own community
Groups are a dedicated space for smaller communities with Mocean
A mini platform
Each group has its own Feed, Events, News, Media Center, Forum, and Jobs Board
You choose
Groups can be either Public or Private, and can be unsearchable for extra privacy

Mocean aims to bring the yachting community together and 


is the platform that brings the yachting community together. It is up to you to take advantage of it to connect, learn, and share with one another.

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