Go-anywhere towels for yoga, camping, beach, and travel. 

Made out of certified recycled materials.

#AlwaysBringATowel #OwnLessDoMore

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About Nomadix

Sustainability is woven into who we are and what we make.

It’s why we’re committed to owning less by creating durable and versatile products, using recycled materials, manufacturing responsibly, and collaborating for change.

The environmental footprint of the products that we buy will have an impact on our planet that lasts longer than we will. That's why we make our products from recycled materials that are Global Recycle Standard certified.


This keeps plastic bottles out of our oceans, and resources in the earth.


Nomadix towels are:

✔️ Made from certified post-consumer recycled material 

✔️ Super absorbent

✔️ Quick-drying

✔️ Slip-resistant

✔️ Reversible


✔️ Durable



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