Use your profile to manage your personal brand, promote yourself, and tell your complete story.

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Your Mocean Profile acts as a living, digital resume, and is a great way to showcase who you are both personally and professionally. 

Bring your resume to life

Unlike traditional resumes or CV’s, you have more freedom to show who you are through images, videos, and whatever content you wish to add. 

Always relevant, less missed opportunities

Show, don’t tell

Update your profile on the fly, so that potential employers always see your current information (unlike those dated resumes you passed along ages ago).

Get in front of the right people, at the right time.

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Mocean business pages are a great way for businesses, brands, and organizations to engage with the yachting community, increase awareness, and foster loyalty.

Mocean business pages are quick and easy to set up, fully customizable, and we offer different options depending on your goals and needs.

Contact us at to create your business page.