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"Our problem with sunglasses for years had been trying to find a pair that can keep up while we're outside running, hiking, working, in the waves, you name it - but we didn't want to wear sunglasses that cost hundreds of dollars and risk breaking, scratching, or losing them. At that price, we didn't even want to risk getting them dirty...

That's why we built Shady Rays.

Quality, Polarized shades that feature Free Replacements* if Lost or Broken to give people (including us!) great shades that you'll never have to worry about breaking or losing because no matter what happens, if you come home without your perfect shades, we've got you with a new pair in a few days. We are proud to be an Independent, American-Owned Sunglasses company that can do things our way."



Lost in the lake? Left behind on a hike? No problem. Our sunglasses are backed by a Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty and Free Replacements if Lost or Broken. Shades the way they were meant to be: Guaranteed For Life.



We didn’t want to settle for being a company that just sells sunglasses - we wanted to make a difference with each purchase. Through research and talking directly to our fans, we found the cause that gives purpose to our work.
In partnership with Feeding America, we donate 10 meals to fight hunger in America with every order. Thanks to you, we have provided over 10 million meals and continue to donate thousands of meals every day through Feeding America sponsored food banks across the country.



We are for action-seekers who appreciate next-generation, innovative gear meant for everything life throws at you.

To receive 25% off these awesome sunnies, use the code MOCEAN at checkout.

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